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2011 - 2013:

"alle Deine Namen"

("All your Names")

A Collectif barbare / Schlachthaus Theater Bern / Theater Tuchlaube Aarau

Plunge into the poetic world of Raphael Urweider. "Alle Deine Namen" is 26 poems about women's first names, arranged in alphabetical order.

Astride Schlaefli and Anna Trauffer met the author and decided concertedly to do a reading accompanied by music. But when the two perform, the poet is nowhere to be seen. We hear him on recordings, he appears on projections - often in a cage - and his clothes are lying around on the stage in disarray. Musicians appropriate his texts, accompany them and illustrate them as they wish. To do so, they mainly use a panoply of heterogeneous objects that they have transformed into an unconventional instrumentarium, along with their more common piano and double bass. This evening, supposedly a reading, is gradually mutating into a musical theater cum sound installation…But, wait a minute, what have they done with Urweider?

With: Astride Schlaefli, Anna Trauffer



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