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2012: "Happy forever"

(Palazzo Wyler)

an art installation made with the objects abandoned in the cellars of Palazzo Wyler.

Leila, Maria and the little one, Pjotr, Selim, Hassan and Amer, Nicolas. They left without their stuff. So I opened their boxes and I tidied up.

Now it's like they're living in the basement. I hope they'll like it.

Selim, Hassan et Amer

The Palazzo Wyler was a housing block filled with asbestos and therefore condemned to be demolished. Its owner, Wyler-Baugesellschaft Bern AG, put the building at the free disposal of some Bernese artists in 2012 for the period before its demolition.

A wide variety of formats and artistic interventions were carried out in eighteen rooms spread over four floors. They focused on the social, temporal and local situation and breathed a last breath of life into the building in the run-up to its demolition.