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2018: "konzerten"

A Collectif barbare / Theater Tuchlaube / REMOTE CITIZEN

The barracks of Aarau and the former indoor riding arena are immediate neighbours. However, there hasn't been any direct contact between the two since the arena became a cultural venue. In order to make up for this lack, the Tuchlaube Theatre is setting up a unique project with very different partners: the school for new recruits, the Collectif barbare and REMOTE CITIZEN.From military marches to poetic scenes, "konzerten" oscillates between ideas and settings by sound artists Astride Schlaefli and Christian Kuntner. The conductor stands in the midst of his recruits and a set of everyday objects such as kitchen appliances or vacuum cleaners that have been transformed into musical instruments for the occasion. He conducts both groups at the same time, creating a completely new and unique musical combination.

with the Rekrutenspiel 16-1/2018 of the swiss army music and Colonel Philipp Wagner and with the
Altstadt Marching Band and Peter Roschi

Concept, direction: Astride Schlaefli
Concept, technic: Christian Kuntner