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"l'Histoire du soldat"

A co-production Collectif barbare / Theater Tuchlaube Aarau / Argovia Philharmonic

A participative musical theater

A youth militia takes ownership of the Faustian story and asks how the fairy tale can be told today. They know where the electricity connection is in the old army riding hall next to the barracks. How a mixing desk works and how to erect scaffolding, produce sound recordings, make a record player sound and make music with washing machines, motors, chain hoists, transport systems and ammunition - all no problem. Now the paramilitary force only has to combine its skills and ideas with the musicians of the argovia philharmonic. A tragicomic conflict breaks out in touching, poetic and gruesome images about the interpretative sovereignty over a key work of 20th century music history.

shows in August - September 2016