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2018: "Nachtreise"

A Collectif barbare /  Festival Blickfelder - Künste für ein junges Publikum (“Arts for a young audience”) co-production


A quiet clinic amidst the greenery, an oasis of peace. No doctors or nursing staff. The young patients have long since been left to their own devices. They have created their own world, complete with rules and formulas. They no longer speak, the essential has been said and recorded many moons ago. Now they use these recordings, make music with them, have fun with them, tinker with them. Every night, as they get ready for sleep, the Winkelwiese villa turns into a curious laboratory of slumber and sound...strange noises come out of the bushes, sleepwalkers meander under the trees, nodding off, a group of people sing the flowers to sleep, while others packed away their most beautiful memories long ago and are well en route to rêverie.

"Nachtreise" (“Night voyage”) is a musical theater and installation in the building and gardens of Villa Tobler.

concept: Astride Schlaefli
sound, technology: Christian Kuntner

June, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 2016