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2010: "les Paradis barbares"

(Barbaric Paradises)


5 musical actors and 3 asylum seekers. A play in the form of an opera with multiple narrative layers full of suspense, led by characters lost between fiction and reality, between music, dance, theatre and performance. Omnipresent, the soundtrack is elaborated like that of a film, illustrating and encompassing as closely as possible the scenes and the subject.
Wagner and Rammstein rub shoulders with old traditional songs and North African pop, with the utmost seriousness a diary recounts the adventures of an ordinary Swiss man lost in a large Moroccan tourist complex, asylum seekers add a sprinkling of their own spices, and the whole thing is studded with striking choreographic elements. Clich├ęs are set up and unravelled in order to delve into the hopes, frustrations, dreams and nightmares each of us hold.

Katy, Andreas, Vera and Erwin go on holiday together to Agadir. Two weeks of cheap and all-inclusive luxury. Some kind of express honeymoon for these two couples that were quickly arranged and poorly mismatched. But this vacation, which was supposed to be a chance to get to know their two wives better, turns sour for Andreas and Erwin. Under the blazing sun and the eyes of the locals, the well-oiled mechanics of their little arrangement start picking up water and sand....