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2012: "Sitcom"

3rd part of the trilogy of Collectif barbare’s projects in Biel’s public spaces :

Atteintes à la pudeur”(2008) / “in flagrante” (2010) / “SITCOM” (2012)

SITCOM focuses on the dreams, expectations and excesses of reality TV; illusion, ambition, voyeurism, abuse of power and imposture.

SITCOM uses social networks to bring people and audiences who normally do not encounter each other together.

SITCOM creates a synthesis between the dynamics of the public space and the irruption of "God-Television" in it.

SITCOM is a 7-episode trick that uses stereotypical mechanisms from the world of reality TV, sitcom and televoting and the codes of behaviour they generate. Performances auf Deutsch mostly, but sometimes also Russian. Who cares?..Hauptsach Spass!!!!! What else????

WITH: Alice Mueller, Astride Schlaefli, Christian Kuntner, Fabienne Naegeli, Marco Rotellini, Natalia Bolkonskaya, Simon Grossenbacher, Stephan Stock, Yvonne Oesch.

episode 1:

episode 2:

episode 3: 07.06.2012

episode 4:

episode 5:

episode 6: