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"Wolf sein oder nicht sein"

Co-production Bettina Wegenast (BE)/ Dalang Puppencompany (ZH) / Collectif barbare

With: Bettina Wegenast, Sinje Homann, Frida Leon BĂ©raud and Astride Schlaefli

Devourer or prey...? What a question! Eater, of course! Booty, sacrifice, that's nonsense. It's useless. And if you have a choice... even a writer can bite.

The parable "To be a wolf or not to be", is a confrontation with the themes of "labour market", "power" and "identity". Because we don't want these highly topical and explosive issues to be negotiated at a distance, on a stage, we work in a form that breaks up the stage space and allows the audience to become part of a multimedia table production.